Bike for Mike - 10th Annual Mike Ride

Join us on Sunday, October 4, 2020 as the 10th annual Mike Ride goes virtual!

Sadly, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host the 10th annual Mike Ride in-person. This will not stop us from continuing to honour the vision that Mike had for building a culture of cycling in our city. It has always been about riding together and riding safely. This year, we'll be riding together, but physically apart. We’ll work towards returning to the traditional ride day in May 2021, but for now - just ride, just discover. Just enjoy.

Event Details

On October 4, choose one of our event distances; 1, 5, 25, 50, or 75km and design your own route to safe cycling. Feel free to create a map or use an activity tracking app (e.g. strava, garmin) and post your ride to social media using the hashtag #MikeRide2020. This year, there will be no registration fee; however we ask everyone do their best to fund raise as in previous years in support of our student active travel programs.

If you are busy on October 4, that is okay! We encourage participants to ride throughout the week of October 4-10, which is mental health week. If you're feeling up to it, ride your chosen distance on multiple days, or take multiple days to ride a longer distance of your choice! We're leaving it in your hands to put your personal twist on the event. If you'd like to ride one of our original routes and need a map, they can be found at

To kick off the event, we will be hosting live opening ceremonies at 9:00am on the morning of October 4, before setting out on our ride. Tune into this on Bike for Mike's Facebook page.

Join the Mike Ride Team Challenge!

Does your workplace have an enthusiastic group of cyclists? Track your fundraising results and challenge coworkers to bring their best!

What we're working on

The proceeds from the annual Mike Ride go to the Michael Chamberlain Fund at Hamilton Community Foundation. This fund and Bike for Mike have been created to make Hamilton a more cycle friendly city. The Michael Chamberlain Fund at HCF supports projects that advance the viability of cycling as a healthy, enjoyable mode of transportation in our community. We're currently focused on a project called the Daily School Route (DSR), which is an active transportation system for kids. We think that considering all of the elements associated with active school travel as part of a greater system, we can orient them towards achieving one purpose: enable every student to safely walk or bike to school, and have fun doing it. This means having safe infrastructure, programs that work together to support students, and activities to celebrate and encourage walkers and rollers. Ultimately, we hope to achieve our aspiration that 100% of students who are able will walk or bike to and from school. During 2020/2021, there are three projects becoming a part of the DSR:

1. Move to Grow: This is an incentivization program. We think that there needs to be a reason that someone decides to actively travel. This program allows students to earn the planting of a tree in their community by walking and rolling to school. Our approach is student-centered, starting with celebrating those who are currently actively traveling, and focusing on these students as leaders of change within their school community.

2. Creating Active Routes for Safety (CARS): This is a safety program. Almost all of our routes are planned and designed for cars, prioritize cars, and most of the transportation budget is allocated to cars. We want in on this, and we want to prioritize our CARS – Creating Active Routes for Safety of our most vulnerable transportation infrastructure users: kids! This fall, our first CARS project is working with families to create wayfinding materials (e.g. signage) to help them get to school safely. We’ve partnered with our friends at Civicplan to engage families in a participatory planning process that identifies how students are getting to school, and how these routes can be improved.

3. KoBi: This is an equity program. Short for “Kids on Bikes”, KoBi is a Bikeshare for Kids. One issue that many families face is that bike ownership can be expensive. Especially as kids are growing out of their bikes so quickly! KoBi provides an affordable solution by loaning bikes for students to ride to school. In the Spring of 2021, we will be equipping students with bikes, helmets, bells, lights, and locks that they can use to safely ride to and from school.

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