About Bike for Mike
Bike for Mike is dedicated to making Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city. 

Mike Chamberlain was an avid cyclist and cycled all over the world. Yet his favorite rides were on the roads and trails in the Hamilton area.

As an individual, Mike loved helping family, friends, and others discover the joy and personal benefit that comes from cycling. 

As part of the community, Mike understood the health and environmental benefits of cycling. By raising awareness of cycling in Hamilton, Mike wanted to help show how beautiful our city can be for cycling as well as how much work there still is to do.

Sadly, Mike Chamberlain died on May 29, 2010. Bike for Mike is our attempt to help realize Mike's dream of making Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city.

To help realize Mike's dream, the Chamberlain family, along with a dedicated team of friends, have created the Bike for Mike community organization.

Bike for Mike's immediate goals are to:
  1. Increase the awareness of the joy and benefits of cycling.
  2. Increase the number of active cyclists.
  3. Raise funds so that every child in Hamilton can ride to and from school.
To achieve these goals Bike for Mike runs two initiatives, an annual Mike Ride and Mike Bikes.

About the Mike Ride
Whether working as a bicycle messenger downtown, commuting to and from the university, or joy-riding up Sydenham hill or down Sulphur Springs, Mike loved to ride. 

The Mike Ride is an annual event that helps us all realize the joy of cycling and the beauty of Hamilton's cycling landscape. Additionally, the event helps raise awareness of cycling in the city while raising funds for other Bike for Mike initiatives. Join us on Sunday, October 4, 2020 to experience the joy of being on a bike.

All proceeds from the Mike Ride are being directed to the Michael Chamberlain Fund at Hamilton Community Foundation. This fund will help make Hamilton a more cycle-friendly city. The proceeds from this year's ride will go to providing the equipment, safety training and programs to encourage students to ride to and from school. This broad program is called Mike Bikes.

About Mike Bikes
Mike loved to ride. He also loved to share that joy and sense of adventure with others. Additionally, Mike understood that cycling was important to our individual health and happiness, as well as the health of our community.

Unfortunately, not all families can afford bikes. Mike's Bikes is an initiative with a lofty but attainable goal: to eliminate barriers so every child in Hamilton can ride to and from school. 

In partnership with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board, Mike's Bikes provides bikes, helmets, bells, reflectors, and locks to children across Hamilton where affordability is a barrier.

In order to achieve this goal, the Mike's Bikes program also ensures, either directly or with partners, each child learns bike safety and maintenance, while helping foster pride of ownership and regular bike usage.

Additionally, Mike Bikes also supports eliminating other barriers to students adopting riding to and from school.

Since inception in 2011, 2,300 bikes have been provided to children and families in Hamilton with a plan to grow an additional 1,000 riders per year through the provision of equipment, training and support programs.

Want to help? All conversations start via info@bikeformike.org 
About HCF
Hamilton Community Foundation was founded in 1954 as Ontario’s first community foundation.

Hamilton Community Foundation drives positive change by connecting people, ideas and resources. HCF does this in three ways:

  • Helping people give in a way that has meaning to them and impact in the community.
  • Supporting all aspects of community life through grants and financing to a wide range of charitable organizations and initiatives.
  • Engaging in community leadership by bringing people together to address priority issues that affect Hamiltonians.

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